Saturday, October 30

Murni again

i don't know what is it with us, are we under spell or something because these days eating at Murni Discovery, Taipan, Subang has been like a routine for bb and i. last week we went to have dinner here, last night we went again and today, well..again. not talking much, let's drooling together with these pictures. well, sorry for the picture quality. took it using my cheap handphone though.

roti jepun: i thought it was too sweet. taste like roti bom, but what make it differs is it contains cheese and egg. eating this like getting a free ticket to diabetes. well, it was good anyway.

nasi goreng maryland: marvellous, just marvellous. enough said.

nasi goreng fish & chips: heavenly done. too big in portion. warning!: make sure you have an empty stomach before eating this dish.

strawberry special: finally, after only my fifth (including the one in PJ) visit i get this drink!! seriously worth it!

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