Saturday, November 19

Nasi Lemak Tanglin

this morning, i had a check up with my dentist at Batu Caves. So, i followed my parent to their monthly visit to Pasar Borong Selayang earrrrly in the morning before they drop me off at Batu Caves. before tightening my braces, a must thing to do is to eat all you can since you can't enjoy it about 3 days afterwards (-_-). Abah drove us to Taman Bukit Perdana to have, well, the famous nasi lemak here, Nasi Lemak Tanglin. I bet most of us know about this place as this place has so many media coverage. It is located opposite to the health something2 building here. It opens during morning and evening until night and off during lunch hour on weekdays and only morning session available on the weekend. just enjoy the pictures below!

just look at the people queuing!!

just look at the nasi lemak containers here!!!!! so many right? how can they finish them all?

some of the lauk varieties sold here. I'm a little upset that they don't have ayam goreng rempah. well, that's Nasi Lemak Cikgu's (Kelana Jaya) specialties anyway.

the busy workers. they are fast!

it's time to take a look what we have. now is the moment of truth.

yours truly: nasi lemak with bergedil and ayam. couldn't finish them since the chicken is so big.

mother's: nasi lemak with squid and paru goreng.

father's: nasi lemak with squid and sambal limpa i think?

the crowd and ambience

Nasi lemak here is good (if they're not, there's no people willing to queue that long). the rice is in good texture and 'berderai'. but, for my own preference, i don't really fancy rice that 'berderai'. i like it if they are bit soft :P sambal is delicious but they put too little in my plate :( all together with 2 hot tea & iced milo are about RM 22. what do you think? it's about RM 6 per plate. is it expensive or ok with the price?

Monday, November 14

Ayam Paprik - quick version

hello all, been weeks since i last updating my blog. quite busy lately with overload works at the office and all tiresome when i reached home. too tired that i felt lifting fingers on my keyboard would make me tired some more. hehe. anyway, this is the simple & quick dish i made when i have limited stock in the fridge and a short time available. this dish should be rich with vegetables but like i mentioned, this is a quick version one but taste absolutely splendid!

4 pieces of chicken - cut into smaller pieces
salt & turmeric powder
*mix chicken with salt & turmeric and fry. fry until about 3/4 cooked and not too brown. set aside.

paprik sauce:
5 shallots (i love shallots, that's why i use it quite a lot)
3 garlics
1 inch of ginger
*pounded them together
1 1/2 tbsp ground bird-eye chilli paste (*you can substitute it with red chilli paste if you not a fan of spicy)
2 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp chilli sauce
2 tbsp ketchup
1/2 cup of water
1 stalk lemongrass - pound with pestle on its head to release flavors
3-4 kaffir lime leaves
salt & sugar to taste

carrot - diced
cauliflower - florette
long beans - diced
tomatoes - wedges
*vegetables are optional. doesn't have to put everything

1- heat oil and add in pounded items. stir until fragrant and color turns a bit brownish.
2- add in bird-eye chilli paste. stir until chili is cooked by seeing an oil forms on the surface.
3- pour in all other items including hard vegetables: carrot, cauliflower, long beans. stir for a while for the ingredients to be well mixed with each other.
4- add in fried chicken pieces.
5- turn the heat to low and let the gravy simmer until chicken is fully cooked and vegetables are tender.
6- when chicken are cooked, add in tomato wedges and sliced onion, stir for awhile and turn off heat.
7- serve with hot steamed rice.