Friday, July 30


cekodok a.k.a jemput-jemput, or in english..err, i'm not sure? fried fritters? fried batter? haha. you name it :P although it is the simplest recipe for evening tea, but it has won many appetites. it is the quickest recipe yet tasted so delicious. so, as for today's evening tea, my father requested me to make him some cekodok. usually, we serve this cekodok with a special sauce, my mother's own recipe.

the batter

tadaa..the result. crispy at the outside, soft at the inside

the recipe:
dried anchovies - halved
2 large onion - chopped
2 red chillies - sliced thinly
kuchai leaves/chives
small prawn
all purpose flour or cake flour (it makes the best!)
1 tsp baking powder
enough water to mix (preferably cold water)

mix everything in a bowl and meanwhile heat the oil. deep fry the batter until crispy and golden brown. serve with chilli sauce or peanut sauce.

special sauce:
500ml water
2 tbsp chilli paste
2 tbsp chilli sauce
1 tbsp tomato ketchup
2 garlic - crushed
3 cm ginger - crushed
1 tbsp vinegar
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar

mix everything and let it simmer. leave it on heat longer to make it thick.

Wednesday, July 28

tea freak

just now, i digging into my house's pantry drawer to make milo. then, i noticed that we have many small boxes of flavoured tea in it. so, i take them all out and arrange them on table with intention to do some inventory. haha. by the way, in above picture, it is excluded of our regular non-flavoured regular tea. i guess, people in my house are tea-freak. mind you, some of the boxes aren't open yet and they've been in the pantry for months now.

butter prawn

butter prawn, my never success attempt. why?why?why? i have a problem to make the egg-floss. it always turn into scramble egg, or else, it will form short strands. do you have any tips on how to produce a long, fine egg-strands? by the way, without that perfect egg-floss, this recipe is great! prawn is so crispy and well-marinated, plus with the crunchy breadcrumbs, yumm. by the way, i got the recipe from website mekarmewangi. this is a must try recipe!


who would resist a good briyani rice from the authentic city of Batu Pahat, Johor? no one would. went to Briyani Power restaurant at Batu Pahat, somewhere near the hospital to try this dish. many local people say that this restaurant serves the best briyani rice. and i have to agree on that. although the restaurant is quite isolated, but it still full of people. totally delicious and cheap too!! normal briyani for Rm7.00 and briyani gam for Rm8.50!! far better than the freaking expensive Jm Briyani House.

oh ya, did i tell u that the portion is big? please make sure you have an empty stomach.

and oh, sorry for the face expression. didn't mean to.

chocolate moist cake

before this, i am using my former lecturer's recipe. but, it turned out quite hard and too sweet too. then, i've found this recipe from flavour's magazine and start to test it. it turns out good! this cake is so delicate that you have to handle it with extra care. plus, u need a parchment to bake this little baby..hehe. by the way, i made this cake for little ceremony at my house.

Tuesday, July 27

first and foremost

heyya! this is my first entry. well, i have one blog, but since recently i blogged mostly about food and my never-ending appetite, i thought, "hey why not i'm having separate blog for food stuff?". so, here goes. hehe. in this blog, you will have to bear with me through my success and failure (mostly failure) in my attempt in food experimenting. there are no rules or specific theme. it maybe about restaurants i went, food i ate or even recipe? well, we just wait and see yah!