Saturday, December 18


i just made lasagna just now. been making this since i was, well, after school maybe? but, recently, i rarely made this because i was too lazy indeed. hihi. here goes the recipe.

first, of course you need a lasagna. i usually use this brand. after using, you can keep them in refrigerator and it would last for years! ok, maybe i was exaggerate. but, i think, this lasagna has been in my refrigerator for months.

then, you need to have this meat sauce or often being known as bolognaise sauce. the ingredients are:

minced meat
onion & garlic
tomato puree
tomato juice *optional
vegetable juice *optional
Prego's bolognaise sauce *optional
chopped tomatoes - to have chuncky taste in your sauce
a can of button mushroom-sliced
carrot-chopped *optional
oregano or any other herbs
bay leaves
salt & pepper-to taste
olive oil

1-heat oil, add in garlic & onion. stir until fragrant and add in your minced meat. stir until meat has released its juice and dry a bit.
2-pour in tomato puree, tomato juice, vegetable juice, diced tomatoes, carrots and bay leaves. let it simmer over moderate heat to let the meat tender and the gravy becomes thick.
3-when the sauce has thickened, season with salt and pepper and herbs. pour in sliced tomatoes and remove from heat.

another compulsary ingredients to make lasagna is Bechamel sauce or also known as white sauce.

roux-mixture of butter & flour
2 litres of milk
bay leaves
2 cloves

1-heat the pot and add in your butter. let it melt and add in flour. stir until it turns yellowish and form a ball/dough.
2-pour in milk, onion, cloves and bay leaves and whisk continously to avoid the sauce becomes lumpy.
3-make sure the heat is moderate and do not leave it or else, it would burnt.
4-whisk until sauce becomes thick and at the right consistency.

ok, first, you have to arrange these lasagna sheets onto baking tray. note: spread white sauce on the bottom first before arranging first layer of lasagna. sometimes, you have to break them to fit your tray.

after arranging lasagna sheets, pour in your white sauce, meat sauce and sprinkle mozarella cheese on top. repeat this step for three layers. on the last layer, after u have sprinkled mozarella cheese, pour the Bechamel sauce again on top. then, wrap baking tray with aluminium foil. this is to keep the moisture while baking. later, bake for 45 minutes at 200 degree celcius. if you're using microwave oven, set the temperature at 170 degree celcius.

last but not least, the result...tadaaa...isn't it mouth-watering??

note: after baking this, you can freeze the leftover and put them in microwave anytime you want to eat. that's how they do in restaurants and hotels.

Sunday, December 12

ayam masak kunyit

been keeping this entry for week now. sorry everyone! hihih. ok, ok. ayam masak kunyit is my favourite since my days of Diploma in Penang years ago. friend of mine introduced this to me because i thought it look so appetizing, and i asked what name it was. ever since that day, i've been ordering this dish each time i go to eat to any Malay stalls. yesterday, i tried making this again at home using my own version. my mother used to make them too, and me myself used to make it. but, too bad, each time, they didn't taste as good as like the one i ate at stalls. but, i thought it wasn't that bad either..hihihihi.

chicken breast-
cut into small pieces, mix with turmeric powder or fresh turmeric, salt

2 garlic
1 cm ginger
*crushed & chopped

long beans

to garnish:
red & green chillies- sliced thinly

oil-to fry.

1-heat oil in pan. add in chicken and fry them for a moment until they turn yellowish and half-cooked.
2-pour in garlic and ginger, stir for a while and pour in vegetables. stir continuously until vegetables are cooked.
3-when chicken is cooked and tender, add in the garnish, stir to mix them and take them off the heat.

Saturday, December 11

masak lemak cendawan kukur

have you guys ever heard of cendawan kukur? this is one of my favourite childhood dishes. i still remember when i was still in primary school, my grandmother often went to morning market somewhere at Beranang to buy fresh groceries and there's always one makcik selling this cendawan at one corner. sometimes my grandmother would buy and cook them masak lemak cili padi. being a child, i don't really into such exotic food then. but, when i grow up, i always wanted to eat this mushroom. too bad, these days, it's really hard to get this mushroom anywhere even at my hometown market. the reason is, this mushroom usually grow on decayed rubber tree. so, it would take sometime to wait for these mushrooms to grow and hand-pick them. today, rubber tree usually doesn't have time to be decayed or left on ground just like that because people would take and turn them into furniture. that is why, these mushrooms is very difficult to find. today, my mother went to Selayang Pasar Borong to buy fresh groceries early at dawn and guess what, she brought back a plastic of cendawan kukur!!! she said this is the last plate she could get. this cendawan kukur must be cooked straight away on the day you bought it or else, it would turn withered. then, it must be soaked to remove all the dirty particles and only then we can cook it.

forgot to snap pictures and when i went to the kitchen they already inside my mother's wok ready to be cooked.'s soooo good. bye bye cendawan kukur. meet you again, in ___ years! sob..sob

Monday, December 6

Penang Nyonya again

last friday, again, we went to Penang Nyonya at Subang Parade to have our weekly dinner. been here before, you can click here. for this time, we ordered Kampung Style Fried Rice, Penang Char Kuew Tiew, Roti Jala & Pai Tee. yeah, sorry, we had such a big appetite.

Pai Tee. it's soooo goood. i think it would be better if they put mince meat/prawn inside.

Char Kuew Tiew. it's not like the original Char Kuew Tiew i used to eat in Penang for 3 years. still, it is good in its own way

Kampung Style Fried Rice. it's goooood. not too salty not too plain not too oily. full of stuffs in it.

Sunday, December 5

Ikea restaurant

went to Ikea today. been to Ikea few times but we usually never dine there because it is normally full of people and today, we thought to give it a try because we wanted to continue our shopping later. stopped browsing stuffs because our stomach already growled and when we reached the restaurant, it was hell such a long~~~~~~~ queue there because clock is nearly 12pm. but, it was not bad of waiting because bb and i queued up together, so we killed our time chatted well, and of course by staring at others' tray trolleys too before deciding what to eat. hihi. so....these are what we ordered. sorry, if these pictures appear to you like we were never eaten for days. haha. our bad ;p

our trolley: complete meal with appetizer, main course & dessert

love this chicken wing!!!

the famous Ikea's meatballs. it's gooooooood. too bad, can't finish them though. (note: i ordered the largest portion XD)

bb's turkey sausages, it's quite salty i thought. but i love their gravy!

the famous Daim cake. yes, it is goood. thought of taking 2 plates and lucky we did not because this one slice already too rich & fully. *tamak* :P

our dish. are they really for two persons?????? haha

bb's trying out his first time ever beet root. and well, he didn't like it :P

oh.....focus :B i left 4 meatballs behind. too full :(

empty plates. exclude mine please. what a waste ;P

happy faces. i hate the fact that i'm getting chubbier @@