Saturday, December 11

masak lemak cendawan kukur

have you guys ever heard of cendawan kukur? this is one of my favourite childhood dishes. i still remember when i was still in primary school, my grandmother often went to morning market somewhere at Beranang to buy fresh groceries and there's always one makcik selling this cendawan at one corner. sometimes my grandmother would buy and cook them masak lemak cili padi. being a child, i don't really into such exotic food then. but, when i grow up, i always wanted to eat this mushroom. too bad, these days, it's really hard to get this mushroom anywhere even at my hometown market. the reason is, this mushroom usually grow on decayed rubber tree. so, it would take sometime to wait for these mushrooms to grow and hand-pick them. today, rubber tree usually doesn't have time to be decayed or left on ground just like that because people would take and turn them into furniture. that is why, these mushrooms is very difficult to find. today, my mother went to Selayang Pasar Borong to buy fresh groceries early at dawn and guess what, she brought back a plastic of cendawan kukur!!! she said this is the last plate she could get. this cendawan kukur must be cooked straight away on the day you bought it or else, it would turn withered. then, it must be soaked to remove all the dirty particles and only then we can cook it.

forgot to snap pictures and when i went to the kitchen they already inside my mother's wok ready to be cooked.'s soooo good. bye bye cendawan kukur. meet you again, in ___ years! sob..sob

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