Sunday, November 28

Old Klang Station

ok....again, no updates. since i've started working, i've been busy though and not going anywhere much. during weekends, bb is working and left me no one to going out with to explore new restaurants or doing any food adventure (adventure la sangat!).

ok, yesterday, after visiting Pia's father at HUKM, i planned to drop by at bb's house to meet his newly born niece, Bella. i've visited Kak Long, his sister at Prince Court before but i didn't have a chance to meet her baby last time. so, we stopped at Giant first to buy some things and bb bought some groceries which his mother asked him.

we had our lunch there at the cafe, or kopitiam i must say called "Old Klang Station". the menus are just the same with other kopitiams, nothing differs. we had Fried Noodles, Fried Rice, half-boiled eggs (that would be mine! heee) and chocolate drinks. what i can say is, the taste just like any other kopitiam. i've found that the Fried Rice is a bit salty for me. Fried Noodles is ok, but i prefer PakLi's because they're spicier.

Kampung Style Fried Rice

Half-boiled eggs - A Must!!

Fried Noodles. just ok.

Sunday, November 14

it's ice cream time!

outing with my mother, she would always go to Baskin Robbins to have a scoop or two of ice cream there. so..i just agreed (for sure lah kan???!) when she asking my opinion whether to go there or not. haha. so, we had these two. raibow sherbet and mango tango flavoured. yummmmyiahhh!

*looking forward to go to Haagen Dazs cafe.

Sunday, November 7


working life means, i have to allocate some money for my breakfast, lunch and tea time. i don't know why, but since i started working, i eat like a bear. i feel hungry in the morning, looking forward for lunch and stomach growled in the evening.

last week on wednesday, my colleagues went to mamak's restaurant called Insaf at Jalan TAR to have Beriyani rice. they said Beriyani here is delicious. well, after eating it (not even finish it), i don't think it's good enough. their chicken with honey gravy were prepared too simple. i felt like it just a fried chicken covered with honey. nothing artful eating it. haih~ what i can say is, i would definitely do not want to go here again. eating this Beriyani makes me miss Batu Pahat Beriyani :(