Sunday, January 2


last Friday, bb and i went out for our weekly dinner at Empire Gallery, Subang. although i live nearby, to make a confession, i never ever went there. how pathetic is that? haha. spent sometime there, buying cute little baby dress for lovely little Bella (bb's niece). hope you like it dearest Bella..hee ;)

we had our dinner at Belanga restaurant/cafe. what i can say is, this restaurant uses Malay concept for the interior where they framed songket and hang them on the wall. it's very cozy and comfortable. for the dishes, i thought, they focus more on East coast delicacies where Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Tumpang, laksam are included in the menu. i ordered Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Percik whereas bb ordered Nasi Goreng Belacan with Ayam Goreng Berempah. i think the food is quite ok with affordable price.

mine: teh tarik ais. bb's: carrot milk

nasi kerabu: yellow rice. i read the description, it's actually a turmeric flavored rice.

bb's nasi goreng. he didn't finish mango kerabu. bahh.

Saturday, January 1

Rahsia Restaurant & Bar

last 2 weeks, my office organized a Christmas Dinner Party at Rahsia Restaurant, KL. well, i didn't wanna go at first knowing that it would be held during night, plus, i am relying on public transport, so it would be quite a hassle for me to leave early since the place is quite a distance from LRT station. the closest one would be Ampang LRT station, but still, u need a ride to go there. another thing is, of course, i don't celebrate Christmas, but went there as my other duty as worker.

ok2. enough about that, it's actually quite a long story behind this dinner event. let's straight go to this restaurant review. hee. for me, this restaurant is quite isolated from the busy city. it is located in the middle of KL, still. it's actually a bungalow which turned into a restaurant. i like the decoration and the ambience. very romantic and cozy with the dim lights surrounding this restaurant.

about the food. i guess, it was not bad. well, bolehlah. but, out of 5, i think i could only rated them at 3. can't rate them accurately since the food served were buffet style. so, i don't know what the restaurant exact specialty. plus with the dim light, i can barely see the food i'm taken, so, i can't really judge on them. another thing about this restaurant is that, it is full of alcoholic beverages, so, i can't quite sure what's their real specialty, either on food or the beverage.

buffet line

my food. looks like makanan ayam isn't it? i mixed them all together. don't know what i took, but some of them made me regret taking them.

restaurant signage

restaurant surroundings.

for more information, do check out their website:

secret recipe

guess, everyone been to Secret Recipe am i right? they are known with their cake specialty. too bad, when it comes to other food, they totally sucks at it. been going to Secret Recipe few times before and always aware that their food isn't that good (tho pricey like hell!), but still ok. unfortunately, not this time. i don't mind spending some penny as long as the food is good but when you spent quite a dear price & receive a totally least expected food, it's a great disappointment. i think Secret Recipe should just stay as cake & beverages cafe rather than a restaurant.

we went to Subang Parade's Secret Recipe. here, the service is suck, and not to mention the food. the service is super slow. waited for quite sometime for the food to arrive, non-productive worker, and when it comes to bill, no one would even care to collect the bill folder from us although their eyes met ours few times. so, we had to walk up to the counter ourself to pay. with a bad food experience, plus a lousy service, it's totally not a lucky day for me nor bb.

the only one thing that save Secret Recipe are their assorted cakes & beverages.

bb's. his was ok. ordered this before. at least we know what to expect.

mine. my first time ordering this. i usually ordered fish & chips.

my food supposed to be mozarella baked fish. but, when it came, it doesn't look like mozarella baked fish at all. potatoes are burnt, asparagus are mushy, fish is dry & overcooked, and the cheese looks like a Kraft's cheese slice just being put on top and reheat them under salamander.
i only finished my fish. and..this plate of lousy food costed you nearly rm20.