Saturday, January 1

secret recipe

guess, everyone been to Secret Recipe am i right? they are known with their cake specialty. too bad, when it comes to other food, they totally sucks at it. been going to Secret Recipe few times before and always aware that their food isn't that good (tho pricey like hell!), but still ok. unfortunately, not this time. i don't mind spending some penny as long as the food is good but when you spent quite a dear price & receive a totally least expected food, it's a great disappointment. i think Secret Recipe should just stay as cake & beverages cafe rather than a restaurant.

we went to Subang Parade's Secret Recipe. here, the service is suck, and not to mention the food. the service is super slow. waited for quite sometime for the food to arrive, non-productive worker, and when it comes to bill, no one would even care to collect the bill folder from us although their eyes met ours few times. so, we had to walk up to the counter ourself to pay. with a bad food experience, plus a lousy service, it's totally not a lucky day for me nor bb.

the only one thing that save Secret Recipe are their assorted cakes & beverages.

bb's. his was ok. ordered this before. at least we know what to expect.

mine. my first time ordering this. i usually ordered fish & chips.

my food supposed to be mozarella baked fish. but, when it came, it doesn't look like mozarella baked fish at all. potatoes are burnt, asparagus are mushy, fish is dry & overcooked, and the cheese looks like a Kraft's cheese slice just being put on top and reheat them under salamander.
i only finished my fish. and..this plate of lousy food costed you nearly rm20.


  1. haha, maybe u should try their lamb shank.

  2. i always order noodle in tom yum. i love the noodle.

  3. nash: never tried them. x suka kambing! ++
    nady: i love their lasagna & fish n chip. mozarella baked fish ni, palang selamanya! haha.

  4. memg lousy food n worst srvce..1st time dine in plak tu.. at 1st, order air pepsi xsilap tp dh abes dan staff nyer trus bt bdo jer xblek kt kiteorg tnya nk tkar air aper..smpi tgu punya lama..dh nek plik..pgil dorg, bru ckp pepsi abes..air len ada la..
    2nd, slh serve food, ble food yg btol dh smpai.. amik la ayam xckup masak..lg la truk..