Sunday, June 19

lazy sunday or lavish sunday?

as usual, on weekend, i would take over my mother's job to cook for lunch. these are what i cooked today. i was a bit rajin that i made 4 dishes! they are squid curry, tuna bergedil, okra with spicy dried shrimp and scrambled egg with salted carrot (lobak asin). i have featured recipe for bergedil before. it is recommended by me. you should try it! :P for today's entry, i put recipes for lobak masin scrambled egg and stir-fried okra. they are easy-peasy lemon squeasy!

stir-fried okra
okra (wash and cut them at the point when you started to cook)
*shrimp paste *belacan*

*dried shrimp (soak to soften)

*bird-eye chillies & red chillies
*shallot (about 5#)
* - to be pounded together

oil to fry

1- heat oil. add in pounded items and fry until fragrant.
2- add in sliced okra and keep on stirring until okra is soften but still maintain its crispiness.
3- season with salt.

srambled egg with lobak masin.
diced lobak masin (or if you buy them in a form of pieces, diced them thinly) - wash and squeeze them to remove excess water
onion - thinly sliced

red chillies & green chillies - sliced thinly

3# eggs
oil to fry

1- heat oil. add in onion and sliced chillies and stir until fragrant.
2- pour in lobak masin and continuously stirring until they're a bit dry.

3- crack eggs one by one and keep on stirring until eggs appear drier and not too moist.

4- serve. you don't need to season it as lobak masin is already salty.

this is how lobak masin looks like

i know it's a very very simple recipe. even kids can make it LOL. but, sometimes, simple food can trigger your appetite isn't it? happy trying!

Sunday, June 12


today, went to IPC (Ikano Power Centre...when did they change their name anyway??) with bb. well, we planned to go somewhere else anyway, but because of something unexpected happen, we changed our plan and go to Mutiara Damansara instead though we already bored of it. Having lunch at Dome as we wanted to meet our classmate from Diploma & Degree who worked as supervisor there. it's a 2 in 1 activity, where you eat and meet your friend :B so, these what we have ordered:

bb's: banana something something. just ok

mine: cranberry juice + apple juice and sprite maybe? very refreshing! love it to bits. but, too much ice :(

bb's: beef burger

i thought this burger is very luxury. not enough with beef patties, it comes together with beef bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, salad..yada yada. i kinda like the cheese. i'm not sure what cheese it is, but it tasted kinda tangy somehow. and of course, as you can see above, a bed of french fries too. but, to my preference, i'd like the one in Chili's (for beef patties and Delifrance (for the bread) better.

mine: pancakes!!

I already eaten before going out, so, i'm a bit full, that is why i only ordered this. it tasted ok but i prefer the one i used to eat before at Pancake House. the one i tasted before is very light and fluffy. this one is quite 'heavy' and tasted eggy. that's why although you eat only one, you'll feel very full. i love the blueberrrrrries!

overall..what i can say is, the food is not bad. portion is too big, seriously you need an empty stomach before eating here. we spent about 2 hours to finish our food ( chatting with our friend, taking pictures, resting bla..bla). but, no offense..i thought the price especially on beverages are ridiculously expensive. for the food, after seeing them, it is quite understandable as they are big in portion and it comes together with too many accompaniments. but, can't say much because we ate there for free on courtesy of our friend, so i can't be biased :P for decoration, i think they're ok and comfy, but i like the one in KLCC. i thought they're much more comfortable and cozy, and looks pretty exclusive too.

in term of service, i can't comment much because we are being served with our friend..ahaha. anyway, he said, Dome's specialty are on their spaghetti..maybe i'd like to try one next time.

happy eater. picture courtesy of kecik, our friend.


this entry supposedly to be published last week but due to my "busy-ness" (busy lah sangat), it is pending in my draft. so...last week, i don't know what came into me that my "rajin-ness" spirit flew into me to make this popia for tea time. it took me two days to make this! hahaha. it was because, after i already prepared the filling on first day, turned out that my popia skin which was kept on freezer all this while can't be used anymore :( that is why i postponed it to the next day to wrap my popia after my father has bought it that morning. here goes the recipe:

half handful of dried shrimp
fresh prawn
dried mushroom (soak for about 1/2 hours to soften)
carrot (shredded)
round cabbage (shredded)
oyster sauce
pinch of blackpepper & salt & anchovies powder (serbuk pati ikan bilis) - to taste
oil to fry

1- heat oil in woak. add in garlic & mushroom. continously stir mushroom is cooked.
2-add in oyster sauce (about a spoonful).
3-add in remaining ingredients (carrot & cabbage). together, add in also seasoning.
4-stir for a while to blend seasoning with vegetables and off the heat. at this point, vegetables should not be overcooked as we do not want them to lose its crispiness.

for a "glue", take about 2 spoonful of flour and mix them with a spoonful of water. use this to stick popia skin together.

in the process of making

after wrapping. at this point, you can keep them in container, freeze them and fry them anytime you want!

so...this is the end product:

Saturday, June 11

simple stir-fried aubergine

this is another of my favourite home cooking. it is simple yet very appetizing (to my palate of course :P). perfect to those who are lazy enough to think what to cook (that includes me). i'm quite a fan of aubergine/eggplant whatever you call it. but, i'd prefer to cook it myself rather than buying it outside. i don't know why, if i buy any aubergine dishes outside, they're usually a bit mushy. sometimes, they taste very flat and hanyir. anyway, sorry for bad quality pictures. i don't know what went wrong but they turn out very blur. duh.

aubergine (sliced about 2cm thick, soak in water)
mix turmeric powder & salt with sliced aubergine and fry until it turns brownish.

onion - sliced thinly
dried prawn (udang kering) - soak with water until tender and pound them.
red & green chillies - sliced thinly
bird-eye chillies - chopped finely (if you prefer spicier, add some more of this!)

oil to stir-fry.

1- heat oil in wok.
2- add in onion & pounded dried prawn. stir until fragrant.
3- add in sliced chilies and fried aubergine and continue stirring until they well mixed.
4- serve with hot steamed rice and voila!