Saturday, June 11

simple stir-fried aubergine

this is another of my favourite home cooking. it is simple yet very appetizing (to my palate of course :P). perfect to those who are lazy enough to think what to cook (that includes me). i'm quite a fan of aubergine/eggplant whatever you call it. but, i'd prefer to cook it myself rather than buying it outside. i don't know why, if i buy any aubergine dishes outside, they're usually a bit mushy. sometimes, they taste very flat and hanyir. anyway, sorry for bad quality pictures. i don't know what went wrong but they turn out very blur. duh.

aubergine (sliced about 2cm thick, soak in water)
mix turmeric powder & salt with sliced aubergine and fry until it turns brownish.

onion - sliced thinly
dried prawn (udang kering) - soak with water until tender and pound them.
red & green chillies - sliced thinly
bird-eye chillies - chopped finely (if you prefer spicier, add some more of this!)

oil to stir-fry.

1- heat oil in wok.
2- add in onion & pounded dried prawn. stir until fragrant.
3- add in sliced chilies and fried aubergine and continue stirring until they well mixed.
4- serve with hot steamed rice and voila!


  1. wowww look delicious!yummy2!!pos cni sket aimi!haha

  2. I like them in sambal :D lagi2 kalau chef pia yg masakkan. haha

  3. syahirah: aiyak...setakat terung goreng je..segan nak pos :P
    intan: tau xpe!!!! lg best kalau sambal tu letak udang kering..yummm