Sunday, June 12


today, went to IPC (Ikano Power Centre...when did they change their name anyway??) with bb. well, we planned to go somewhere else anyway, but because of something unexpected happen, we changed our plan and go to Mutiara Damansara instead though we already bored of it. Having lunch at Dome as we wanted to meet our classmate from Diploma & Degree who worked as supervisor there. it's a 2 in 1 activity, where you eat and meet your friend :B so, these what we have ordered:

bb's: banana something something. just ok

mine: cranberry juice + apple juice and sprite maybe? very refreshing! love it to bits. but, too much ice :(

bb's: beef burger

i thought this burger is very luxury. not enough with beef patties, it comes together with beef bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, salad..yada yada. i kinda like the cheese. i'm not sure what cheese it is, but it tasted kinda tangy somehow. and of course, as you can see above, a bed of french fries too. but, to my preference, i'd like the one in Chili's (for beef patties and Delifrance (for the bread) better.

mine: pancakes!!

I already eaten before going out, so, i'm a bit full, that is why i only ordered this. it tasted ok but i prefer the one i used to eat before at Pancake House. the one i tasted before is very light and fluffy. this one is quite 'heavy' and tasted eggy. that's why although you eat only one, you'll feel very full. i love the blueberrrrrries!

overall..what i can say is, the food is not bad. portion is too big, seriously you need an empty stomach before eating here. we spent about 2 hours to finish our food ( chatting with our friend, taking pictures, resting bla..bla). but, no offense..i thought the price especially on beverages are ridiculously expensive. for the food, after seeing them, it is quite understandable as they are big in portion and it comes together with too many accompaniments. but, can't say much because we ate there for free on courtesy of our friend, so i can't be biased :P for decoration, i think they're ok and comfy, but i like the one in KLCC. i thought they're much more comfortable and cozy, and looks pretty exclusive too.

in term of service, i can't comment much because we are being served with our friend..ahaha. anyway, he said, Dome's specialty are on their spaghetti..maybe i'd like to try one next time.

happy eater. picture courtesy of kecik, our friend.

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