Sunday, June 12


this entry supposedly to be published last week but due to my "busy-ness" (busy lah sangat), it is pending in my draft. so...last week, i don't know what came into me that my "rajin-ness" spirit flew into me to make this popia for tea time. it took me two days to make this! hahaha. it was because, after i already prepared the filling on first day, turned out that my popia skin which was kept on freezer all this while can't be used anymore :( that is why i postponed it to the next day to wrap my popia after my father has bought it that morning. here goes the recipe:

half handful of dried shrimp
fresh prawn
dried mushroom (soak for about 1/2 hours to soften)
carrot (shredded)
round cabbage (shredded)
oyster sauce
pinch of blackpepper & salt & anchovies powder (serbuk pati ikan bilis) - to taste
oil to fry

1- heat oil in woak. add in garlic & mushroom. continously stir mushroom is cooked.
2-add in oyster sauce (about a spoonful).
3-add in remaining ingredients (carrot & cabbage). together, add in also seasoning.
4-stir for a while to blend seasoning with vegetables and off the heat. at this point, vegetables should not be overcooked as we do not want them to lose its crispiness.

for a "glue", take about 2 spoonful of flour and mix them with a spoonful of water. use this to stick popia skin together.

in the process of making

after wrapping. at this point, you can keep them in container, freeze them and fry them anytime you want!

so...this is the end product:

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