Saturday, October 30

Murni again

i don't know what is it with us, are we under spell or something because these days eating at Murni Discovery, Taipan, Subang has been like a routine for bb and i. last week we went to have dinner here, last night we went again and today, well..again. not talking much, let's drooling together with these pictures. well, sorry for the picture quality. took it using my cheap handphone though.

roti jepun: i thought it was too sweet. taste like roti bom, but what make it differs is it contains cheese and egg. eating this like getting a free ticket to diabetes. well, it was good anyway.

nasi goreng maryland: marvellous, just marvellous. enough said.

nasi goreng fish & chips: heavenly done. too big in portion. warning!: make sure you have an empty stomach before eating this dish.

strawberry special: finally, after only my fifth (including the one in PJ) visit i get this drink!! seriously worth it!

Saturday, October 23

let's barbie!

last week, i went for barbecue with my ex-schoolmates buddies at Manisah's house in Labu, Negeri Sembilan. although it just 5 of us, but the food were massive and flooded our tiny round table. greedy we were! :P all of the food were superb!!!!! they were sooo delicious that making me drooling my saliva just by thinking about it. hope we can make it again in future!! well, as i was appointed as head chef for this event (ehemm..ehemm), below are some of food that we prepared together. we had honey roasted chicken wing, roasted lamb, garlic bread, coleslaw, vegetable skewer, mashed potato, pudding, sausages and tempura dory fish. just reading the name alone make me hungry. well, to make it even hungrier, let's see these pictures (oh no!! i'm craving for all of them!!)

beeb's coleslaw - sedap gila!!!!!!!!!!!

herbs marinated vegetable skewer (button mushroom, onion, cherry tomatoes & capsicum)

deep fried fish tempura with tartar sauce

honey roasted chicken wings, sausages & roasted lamb

garlic bread from Delifrance french baguette - truly hero

seriously good. life is an utter bliss.

penang nyonya

sorry i didn't update this blog for quite a while now. been busy with work. anyway, last week i went for barbecue at my friend's house in Labu and when bb fetched me at KTM station from my hectic journey from Nilai - Subang Jaya, we went to Subang Parade because i haven't had my lunch yet. we had lunch (or early dinner at 4pm?) at Penang Nyonya. for food, i think it was good, well i don't know whether it's because i was hungry or they're real good. but, bb said his meal was good too, so, i just assuming all the food are good. hehe. i had curry chicken nasi lemak and air mata kucing while bb having roti jala and barley drink. i reallllllly love bb's roti jala because it's soooo tender. i look forward to dine at this place again in the future.

mata kucing drink

chicken curry nasi lemak

roti jala with chicken curry

Friday, October 15

birthday cake - a surprise too!

my dearest friend, Intan Foodies came to my house today to give me these:

OMG. isn't she such a darling???? i am speechless to receive this. well, i've expected her to give me something when she texted me last night saying that she wanted to delivery something. but, it never crossed my mind that she would actually give me a fondant cake and chocolates too! it must take her some efforts to make those. thanks so much intan. i really really really touched and it almost made me cry once i open the box ;) seriously, i am sooo do not want to cut this cake. it's so pretty. thanks again love! xoxo.

Thursday, October 14

Murni Discovery

another entry!!! remember last time my review about SS2 Murni? well, last night, we went to have dinner at Murni Discovery at Taipan. well, what i can say is, the place isn't that pack or busy compared to SS2. there were many empty tables and you do not have to queue to get your seat. well, i don't know how it goes during weekend because last night is still in working days. i bet, it would be busier. below are what we've ordered last night. hehe. by the way, deciding and ordering at Murni Discovery is much way easier because they provide us each with menu card. hehe.

i love you drink. yummm~

bb's watermelon juice

Emperor Noodle (black pepper) - why the one at SS2 is white in colour?

best ever chicken Maryland. well, i persuaded bb to order this..hehe :p

and last but not least, the crowd. sorry for the picture quality. somehow i like it better at SS2. the food served is faster and we can see the cooks in action :P here, the ambience is more like a cafe and no open kitchen to watch while waiting for our food. hehe. anyway, i thought that the service is more systematic here as every food got a label on since all the waiters using PDA to take orders. so, it would be fair for the food queue and there's no room for mistakes like wrong orders.

birthday surprise cupcakes

again, another entry on cupcakes. yesterday was bb's birthday, it nearly kills me thinking what can i give him especially when i'm in very tight financial control. so, i thought of making him cupcakes since i have all the ingredients at my house. making cupcakes is okay for me but making the icing would be quite a problem for me. i already baked vanilla cupcakes the night before. usually i would make either buttercream or royal icing. as for yesterday, my friend, Intan Foodies give me a recipe on how to make meringue buttercream icing as she said it would set perfectly and easy to handle. so, i tried them up.

i don't know what went wrong but it won't set no matter how long i've been beating it. i already put them in a fridge, take them out and beat again but still. it won't set. i nearly cried seeing it, well, the fact is, i did cry. at last, i just use that meringue buttercream although it did not set. when i put in the coloring, another problem came where the colour do not mix with the buttercream. it seems like the buttercream mixture is split. oh no T_T i felt so frustrated because i put all my effort doing this and it's quite a complicated process. although i'm too tired after getting back from the tiring journey for my interview but i sacrificed my rest hour to make this :( at last, i just use it to spread on my cupcakes and put gummy bears and marshmallow on top. it's very very frustating as i planned to pipe roses and other decorative pattern on the cupcakes surface. the buttercream became either too runny or too hard because i put them in refrigerator.

well, but after all, the thought that matters right? bb so touched and happy to receive my cupcakes although it do not look so pleasant, but at the end, again, the thought that matters. hehe.

well, maybe i'm not gifted in baking activity i guess. T_T

Tuesday, October 12

engagement cupcakes

last sunday, my relative got engaged and nenek planned to give some cupcakes for her engagement giveaways to the man's side. we planned to collect it on saturday but it was tuesday already, so it would be a little difficult to make reservation. and, if they do, the other problem was, some of them set up quite a distance pick-up point. i spent my whole day browsing the internet to find the nearest, most affordable and nice cupcakes to be ordered. well, my search going to zero. i made calls here and there, still, some of them didn't accept last minute order, too far and some of them even closed their business. lucky i had help from my friend who suggested this one website to me. Alhamdulillah, i managed to place my order.

so, here comes Saturday and i am ready to collect my cupcakes. it's a bit disappointed to see the the cupcakes decoration as it was way too simple. i must say, it was nice but it's not what i expected when i paid them with such price. needless to say, i thought it was too expensive for such decoration. i am myself could make it! the reason i ordered through online because i am expecting a complicated decoration like a bunch of roses on it which definitely i have problem making them. but, seeing those cupcakes, i'd rather if my grandmother just pay me instead to make them. don't get me wrong. they were nice and simple and sweet. but i thought, with the price i paid, i deserve to get something better. anyway, thanks to this person for accepting my last minute reservation and made this lovely cupcakes ;)

they're nice isn't it? not bad. it just, they're too expensive for this easy piping activity ;(

or, maybe my expectation is too high? what do you guys think?

Monday, October 11

SS2 Murni

maybe most of you have heard about SS2 Murni restaurant right? it seems so famous lately this year. i only knew about its popularity & good food from my good friend, Intan Foodies. well, of course my first time being there when she & other friends brought me there last April. i have reviewed about this restaurant here. so, last few nights, after sending off my relatives to perform Haj at Tabung Haji Kelana Jaya, i suggested to my father to go there. he's never been there but he's often heard about it too. well, this is due to some issues arised related to this restaurant within my family. (don't ask me what). so, he agreed as we already at Kelana Jaya.

being a direction blind, my only landmark that i remembered about this restaurant is Seapark Police Station because there's one famous Nasi Lemak Stall opposite the police station. *pasal makan je ingat* :P so, i called Pia (since i couldn't get thru Intan's) to ask her which exactly the shop lots Murni located. she said it was either behind KFC or in front of it. my father already said "i think it is at the same row with Public Bank", but i didn't comment back because i don't really remember. turned out that my father is actually right. the restaurant is with the same row of Public Bank (yeah..i salute you abah!). this is because he often used that route (=.=).

as i expected, the place was full of people. there were many standing customers that haven't get seats yet. i don't know how my abah managed to get one although we just been there (=.=). well, maybe abah appeared quite older compared to other customers dined in there, so they gave us a priority? :P i ordered Chicken Maryland (well, same menu like last time i been here) while my parents shared a plate of Emperor Noodle (still, they couldn't finish it!). i ordered Strawberry Juice but it arrived quite late. we were seated at the front table where the kitchen staffs put all the ordered food on our table before the servers collect them. so, there's one red-coloured drink in front of me which been there quite a while. so, i thought it must be my drink. then, i drank it up, and to my surprise, it is actually Sirap Limau! i felt so frustrated because when i already drank it, then only the server started to make my drink. well, i said it's ok because i already drank it. i felt quite sad because the last time i ate here, i wanted to order a pink drink which i thought watermelon but it's actually a strawberry drink. and here i am, came again to the same place, but still i didn't get that drink T_T

but, it's ok because the food still good! however, my parents don't really like it here. they thought this place and the food is suitable for young people. it doesn't really suit their taste and preferences. i thought the food is marvelous but to them, it just ok. well, it might be right because some food which they really like it, i don't really into them..hehe. i look forward to go here again, but maybe at their branch at Taipan.

emperor noodle

Saturday, October 9


today, we went to OU and had lunch at Gardens. when we went to The Curve last few weeks, we planned to eat at this restaurant but totally forgotten as we passed other restaurants. hehe. so, now, we finally eat here! i really wanted to dine here because the shop is sooo pretty. i feel like i'm a princess in a Secret Garden behind my palace or something. haha. so dreamy me! anyway, i guess the food is quite ok. i really like the presentation. they are neat, clean and pretty. something quite different from any other casual restaurants where they put everything in one round plate. the taste also good with the price offered. anyway, i am satisfied to dine here. i loveeeee the decoration. i have read somewhere that this place is actually under the same roof with Fullhouse. if it's true, no wonder they have very alike decoration ;)

cute menu card. meowwww~

calamari ring! delicious!

bb's nasi lemak. delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! marvelous! i love the fragrant rice.

my fish & chips. not bad. but, manhattan's wins it ;P

soda rose

mine: soda green apple (*u have to keep on stirring because the syrup is underneath)


satisfied faces, hehe:

Monday, October 4

food galore

Hari Raya will be ended this Friday, so last weekend would be the last days for some people to make open houses. well, so did my family. we already had one the previous week, but it was for my relatives. so, last weekend, my mother made another one for her office friends. i took this chances to invite some of my close friends. i didn't invite much because it is only a small gathering.

so....these are the food which my mother and i had prepared:

sausage roll

stir-fried pressed rice

curry noodle

3 types of cupcakes (chocolate moist, strawberry and orange mixfruit)

puddings (soy bean puddings, sweet corn custard with jelly pudding)

Sunday, October 3

my own version of kuew tiew

ok..i know my kuew tiew isn't that good like my previous post here. but, i've been addicting to make this for about 4 days in a row!

garlic - 4#
chicken - diced
half packet of kuew tiew

sauce mixture:
1 tbsp chili paste
1 tbsp chili sauce
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp tomato sauce
1 tsp thick soy sauce
1 tsp seasoning *Maggi brand
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp black pepper sauce
*mix everything together in a bowl.

1 - heat oil. add in garlic. more is better (hehe). stir until fragrant
2 - add in chicken and prawn. stir until chicken is cook.
3 - pour in sauce mixture, stir for a while and add in kuew tiew.
4 - keep on stirring until kuew tiew and sauce is blended well.
5 - add in chives and turn off the heat. serve hot.
*if you want it to be drier, stir a bit longer.

char kuew tiew

this is the best kuew tiew i have!!!! well, despite the "almost-finish" picture above. hehe. had it last night at my relatives' open house. it tasted exactly like the one at Penang night market. never ever tasted char kuew tiew so delicious like this one in KL. by the way, gooooood news, i got their business card and guess what, their cafe is actually located nearby my house. double yeay!! here goes the details:

No. 43, Ground Floor, Jalan PJS 11/28B, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor