Monday, October 4

food galore

Hari Raya will be ended this Friday, so last weekend would be the last days for some people to make open houses. well, so did my family. we already had one the previous week, but it was for my relatives. so, last weekend, my mother made another one for her office friends. i took this chances to invite some of my close friends. i didn't invite much because it is only a small gathering.

so....these are the food which my mother and i had prepared:

sausage roll

stir-fried pressed rice

curry noodle

3 types of cupcakes (chocolate moist, strawberry and orange mixfruit)

puddings (soy bean puddings, sweet corn custard with jelly pudding)


  1. Mee kari mak miu mmg terbaik! :D
    Cupcake sdap mak kata. x manis, n rasa coklat

  2. hahaha. kita sendri x makan mee kari mak time tu :P yeke?? thanks~~ tp yg strawberry tu, sgt manis!!! aduii