Monday, October 11

SS2 Murni

maybe most of you have heard about SS2 Murni restaurant right? it seems so famous lately this year. i only knew about its popularity & good food from my good friend, Intan Foodies. well, of course my first time being there when she & other friends brought me there last April. i have reviewed about this restaurant here. so, last few nights, after sending off my relatives to perform Haj at Tabung Haji Kelana Jaya, i suggested to my father to go there. he's never been there but he's often heard about it too. well, this is due to some issues arised related to this restaurant within my family. (don't ask me what). so, he agreed as we already at Kelana Jaya.

being a direction blind, my only landmark that i remembered about this restaurant is Seapark Police Station because there's one famous Nasi Lemak Stall opposite the police station. *pasal makan je ingat* :P so, i called Pia (since i couldn't get thru Intan's) to ask her which exactly the shop lots Murni located. she said it was either behind KFC or in front of it. my father already said "i think it is at the same row with Public Bank", but i didn't comment back because i don't really remember. turned out that my father is actually right. the restaurant is with the same row of Public Bank (yeah..i salute you abah!). this is because he often used that route (=.=).

as i expected, the place was full of people. there were many standing customers that haven't get seats yet. i don't know how my abah managed to get one although we just been there (=.=). well, maybe abah appeared quite older compared to other customers dined in there, so they gave us a priority? :P i ordered Chicken Maryland (well, same menu like last time i been here) while my parents shared a plate of Emperor Noodle (still, they couldn't finish it!). i ordered Strawberry Juice but it arrived quite late. we were seated at the front table where the kitchen staffs put all the ordered food on our table before the servers collect them. so, there's one red-coloured drink in front of me which been there quite a while. so, i thought it must be my drink. then, i drank it up, and to my surprise, it is actually Sirap Limau! i felt so frustrated because when i already drank it, then only the server started to make my drink. well, i said it's ok because i already drank it. i felt quite sad because the last time i ate here, i wanted to order a pink drink which i thought watermelon but it's actually a strawberry drink. and here i am, came again to the same place, but still i didn't get that drink T_T

but, it's ok because the food still good! however, my parents don't really like it here. they thought this place and the food is suitable for young people. it doesn't really suit their taste and preferences. i thought the food is marvelous but to them, it just ok. well, it might be right because some food which they really like it, i don't really into them..hehe. i look forward to go here again, but maybe at their branch at Taipan.

emperor noodle


  1. pink panther! tu mmg tmpat org muda la.. org mana suka bratur panjang2 tunggu seat?

  2. haha. tu lah. pas da mkn mak abh boleh ckp
    "biasa je. Pelita lg sedap" (=.=)