Tuesday, October 12

engagement cupcakes

last sunday, my relative got engaged and nenek planned to give some cupcakes for her engagement giveaways to the man's side. we planned to collect it on saturday but it was tuesday already, so it would be a little difficult to make reservation. and, if they do, the other problem was, some of them set up quite a distance pick-up point. i spent my whole day browsing the internet to find the nearest, most affordable and nice cupcakes to be ordered. well, my search going to zero. i made calls here and there, still, some of them didn't accept last minute order, too far and some of them even closed their business. lucky i had help from my friend who suggested this one website to me. Alhamdulillah, i managed to place my order.

so, here comes Saturday and i am ready to collect my cupcakes. it's a bit disappointed to see the the cupcakes decoration as it was way too simple. i must say, it was nice but it's not what i expected when i paid them with such price. needless to say, i thought it was too expensive for such decoration. i am myself could make it! the reason i ordered through online because i am expecting a complicated decoration like a bunch of roses on it which definitely i have problem making them. but, seeing those cupcakes, i'd rather if my grandmother just pay me instead to make them. don't get me wrong. they were nice and simple and sweet. but i thought, with the price i paid, i deserve to get something better. anyway, thanks to this person for accepting my last minute reservation and made this lovely cupcakes ;)

they're nice isn't it? not bad. it just, they're too expensive for this easy piping activity ;(

or, maybe my expectation is too high? what do you guys think?


  1. mungkin jugak? psl die pun x amik order dah sebenarnya ;p

  2. Oh! ye ke? kte pun tatau dia da x amek order.. so maybe pasal tu dia mahal?