Thursday, October 14

birthday surprise cupcakes

again, another entry on cupcakes. yesterday was bb's birthday, it nearly kills me thinking what can i give him especially when i'm in very tight financial control. so, i thought of making him cupcakes since i have all the ingredients at my house. making cupcakes is okay for me but making the icing would be quite a problem for me. i already baked vanilla cupcakes the night before. usually i would make either buttercream or royal icing. as for yesterday, my friend, Intan Foodies give me a recipe on how to make meringue buttercream icing as she said it would set perfectly and easy to handle. so, i tried them up.

i don't know what went wrong but it won't set no matter how long i've been beating it. i already put them in a fridge, take them out and beat again but still. it won't set. i nearly cried seeing it, well, the fact is, i did cry. at last, i just use that meringue buttercream although it did not set. when i put in the coloring, another problem came where the colour do not mix with the buttercream. it seems like the buttercream mixture is split. oh no T_T i felt so frustrated because i put all my effort doing this and it's quite a complicated process. although i'm too tired after getting back from the tiring journey for my interview but i sacrificed my rest hour to make this :( at last, i just use it to spread on my cupcakes and put gummy bears and marshmallow on top. it's very very frustating as i planned to pipe roses and other decorative pattern on the cupcakes surface. the buttercream became either too runny or too hard because i put them in refrigerator.

well, but after all, the thought that matters right? bb so touched and happy to receive my cupcakes although it do not look so pleasant, but at the end, again, the thought that matters. hehe.

well, maybe i'm not gifted in baking activity i guess. T_T


  1. miu jd mereng buat meringue? maybe miu tuang syrup tu cpat sgt x?

  2. memang sgt mereng ni!! hehe :p xtau la intan, bila beat lama2, die jd split la pulak @@