Thursday, October 14

Murni Discovery

another entry!!! remember last time my review about SS2 Murni? well, last night, we went to have dinner at Murni Discovery at Taipan. well, what i can say is, the place isn't that pack or busy compared to SS2. there were many empty tables and you do not have to queue to get your seat. well, i don't know how it goes during weekend because last night is still in working days. i bet, it would be busier. below are what we've ordered last night. hehe. by the way, deciding and ordering at Murni Discovery is much way easier because they provide us each with menu card. hehe.

i love you drink. yummm~

bb's watermelon juice

Emperor Noodle (black pepper) - why the one at SS2 is white in colour?

best ever chicken Maryland. well, i persuaded bb to order this..hehe :p

and last but not least, the crowd. sorry for the picture quality. somehow i like it better at SS2. the food served is faster and we can see the cooks in action :P here, the ambience is more like a cafe and no open kitchen to watch while waiting for our food. hehe. anyway, i thought that the service is more systematic here as every food got a label on since all the waiters using PDA to take orders. so, it would be fair for the food queue and there's no room for mistakes like wrong orders.

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