Saturday, October 23

penang nyonya

sorry i didn't update this blog for quite a while now. been busy with work. anyway, last week i went for barbecue at my friend's house in Labu and when bb fetched me at KTM station from my hectic journey from Nilai - Subang Jaya, we went to Subang Parade because i haven't had my lunch yet. we had lunch (or early dinner at 4pm?) at Penang Nyonya. for food, i think it was good, well i don't know whether it's because i was hungry or they're real good. but, bb said his meal was good too, so, i just assuming all the food are good. hehe. i had curry chicken nasi lemak and air mata kucing while bb having roti jala and barley drink. i reallllllly love bb's roti jala because it's soooo tender. i look forward to dine at this place again in the future.

mata kucing drink

chicken curry nasi lemak

roti jala with chicken curry


  1. bila baca balik...
    sume makanan yg 'bb' order adalah sedap bg miu :D

  2. hahahah. tau xpe! pastu jeles kenapa x order makanan sama :P

  3. laen kali suoh dia je orderkn ntok miu, sbb dia pilih mkanan slalu best XD