Saturday, October 9


today, we went to OU and had lunch at Gardens. when we went to The Curve last few weeks, we planned to eat at this restaurant but totally forgotten as we passed other restaurants. hehe. so, now, we finally eat here! i really wanted to dine here because the shop is sooo pretty. i feel like i'm a princess in a Secret Garden behind my palace or something. haha. so dreamy me! anyway, i guess the food is quite ok. i really like the presentation. they are neat, clean and pretty. something quite different from any other casual restaurants where they put everything in one round plate. the taste also good with the price offered. anyway, i am satisfied to dine here. i loveeeee the decoration. i have read somewhere that this place is actually under the same roof with Fullhouse. if it's true, no wonder they have very alike decoration ;)

cute menu card. meowwww~

calamari ring! delicious!

bb's nasi lemak. delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! marvelous! i love the fragrant rice.

my fish & chips. not bad. but, manhattan's wins it ;P

soda rose

mine: soda green apple (*u have to keep on stirring because the syrup is underneath)


satisfied faces, hehe:


  1. cntiknye tmpat die!!n u alwys look gojes dear! ^^

  2. kan?? mcm dpt berangan jd princess..heheh :P thanks dearie. u too, always look cute as ever darl! ;)