Sunday, April 17

Manhattan Fish Market

last week, when bb and i went to Subang Parade to have dinner and browsing some stuffs, we were stopped at this one banner outside Manhattan Fish Market restaurant. it stated there that they're having a promotion of their Fish & Chips where they sell it at rm6.90 a plate. the price is usually rm15.90, so..i said to bb, let's give it a try, why not? hee~ bb is not really into seafood actually ;p for this entry, i don't want to highlight or review much about the restaurant because i believe, everyone has been there, right? i just want to comparing and commenting the differences between the rm15.90 and rm6.90 Fish & Chips.

this is the original portion of Manhattan's Fish & Chip. fish is bigger and the chips are plenty. oh, and they serve it in an aluminium mini kuali too. ahaha, don't know what it called.

while this is our economical budget portion of rm6.90 Fish & Chips. fish is slightly smaller, chips portion is lesser too and they serve them on an eco-plate. plus, they didn't give us the sauces & dips.

when we ask for the tartar sauce and chili gravy, this is what they gave us:

instead of this:

when we dine here last time, they gave us tartar sauce, sweet chilli gravy and garlic something2.

about the taste..hurm, this is the crucial part. to compare both, actually i prefer the original portion and taste. my personal opinion why they do such promotion is that, they wanted to clear their stocks. because, seafood is not good to keep them too long as it may affect the taste. that's what happen to our economical budget fish, it tasted quite 'hanyir', the batter is mushy and you can taste a raw flour covered the fish. i thought they cook them in a large batch earlier and just heat them up when orders came in. unlike the original Fish & Chips where i think they made to order. but i guess, you can't expect so much for a Fish & Chips at rm6.90 right? but, overall, i think it is good than any other Fish & Chips i ever tasted before. still no 1 in my Fish & Chips toplist :P

apart from our Fish & Chips, we also ordered this as appetizer:

it's deep fried mushroom something something. it's goooooooooooooooooooooooood!

tips for eating Fish & Chips and the like is, do not order something milky for you drinks. you should eat them with something soury and acidy. like squeezing some lemon on top of your fish..yadaa..yadaa.

being bb, he ordered oreo kebabommm for his drink and ended up that he couldn't finish his fish as he's too full by drinking this :P

Sunday, April 3

ikan keli goreng bercili

salam, entri kali ni, saya akan gunakan Bahasa Melayu atau mungkin Bahasa rojak lah kot untuk explain resepi kali ni. banyak bahan2 yang saya tak pasti dalam Bahasa Inggeris, jadi, lebih senanglah guna Bahasa Melayu ye ;p

gambar kat atas tu adalah antara menu kegemaran ahli keluarga saya iaitu ikan keli goreng. bila merujuk kepada ahli keluarga tu, maksudnya...memang SELURUH ahli keluarga, iaitu adik beradik nenek, anak2 nenek, cucu saudara, sepupu sepapat.. menu ni jugak memang agak famous lah dekat kampung saya, Lenggeng. contohnya untuk breakfast, mesti banyak kedai jual nasi lemak ikan keli, pulut ikan keli dan lain2. nasi lemak dekat kampung saya ni special sikit pasal dia adalah NASI dan IKAN KELI sahaja. ikan keli untuk nasi lemak pulak ada dua, iaitu ikan keli goreng sambal ataupun gulai ikan keli (re
ad: masak lemak cili padi pekat2). kalau kenduri kahwin pun, selalunya ada jugak lah kot. atuk saya pun ada kolam ikan keli. oh ya, tapi kalau dekat kampung, kitorang panggil ikan semilang/sembilang. walaupun sebenarnya, ikan sembilang tu, baka ikan keli yang besar tu. ok2, dah melalut.

ikan keli goreng berlada ni, saya dan keluarga memang TAKKAN makan kalau orang kedai jual. kerana, kebanyakan kedai2 tak pandai buang lendir2 ikan ni. tu yang kadang2 kalau makan, masih ada lendir dekat kulit ikan ni (=.+). kalau ikut style nenek saya masak, memang agak leceh lah, tapi memang menepati selera..hehe. okayh, ni resepi:

cara2 menyiang ikan keli:

sebenarnya, saya sendiri tak pernah menyiang ikan keli ni sendiri dari step pertama pasal geli sikit kerana ikan ni kalau dah buang kepala pun, dia masih hidup lepas tu, saya takut sikit kalau ikan ni sengat saya (+_+). bila dah buang kepala tuh, nenek saya akan gaul dengan garam kasar sebanyak2nya, lepas tu gaul dengan perahan limau nipis/kasturi dan

proses buang isi perut ikan. kepala ikan dah hilang

ikan keli dibiarkan bersama garam kasar dan limau kasturi

agak2 bila dah dalam 15 minit-setengah jam tuh, bolehlah basuh ikan ni. tapi....lendir ni, memang lah dah kurang, tapi belum sepenuhnya lagi. nenek saya (saya pun pernah buat step ni ye) akan ambil seekor2, basuh, lepastu kikis lendir dekat kedua2 bahagian badan ikan ni menggunakan pisau. bila agak2 permukaan ikan tu dah agak kesat dan tak licin lagi, ok, baru lulus. lepas dah hilang lendir, baru lah boleh dikelar kulit ikan tu, dan kerat2. kalau saiz kecil, tak perlu kerat pun. goreng seekor2 terus.

cara menggoreng:


kunyit & garam.

gaul ikan keli dengan garam dan kunyit. panaskan minyak, kalau boleh, minyak yang banyak lah. dugaan menggoreng ikan ini adalah, minyak akan meletup2 apabila goreng ikan ni. kerana tu lah, saya agak reluctant sikitttttt kalau disuruh goreng ikan keli ni. lagi satu dugaan, ikan ni biasanya akan melekat2 antara satu sama lain, jadi memang leceh lah kan. dah la meletup2, lepas tu melekat2 lagi. dah goreng, ketepikan.

sambal ikan keli:
bawang kecil - hiris (letak banyak2)
cili kering yang dah direbus dan di
perahan limau kasturi (dalam 3-4 biji)

yang ni rasanya semua orang tahu kot. masukkan bawang, goreng hingga wangi, masukkan cili dan kacau2. rahsia sambal nenek saya, rasanya kena terus kacau sehingga sekata. masukkan garam dan perahan asam limau. teruskan kacau sehingga naik minyak. selepas itu, baru masukkan ikan yang telah digoreng tadi dan gaul rata.

menu wajib bila semua orang balik kampung.

*tiba2 teringin nak makan ikan ni dengan pulut dan kelapa parut T_T


yeah...i know, it's been sometimes since i last updating my blog (=.=) thing is, i don't go out much lately. maybe due to one, i suffered from gum infection (i removed 4 last teeth last week) and two, bb and i don't really have free time. so, i come out with this idea to dig through my old food photos or restaurants i went to (before this blog existed of course!), and blog about it. it would be nothing much different right? hee.

ok, so..the picture above is mee rojak from USJ 4 rojak stall where bb and i used to go to last time. of course, i only knew about this stall after meeting bb as he's the one introduced me to this place :P we went there quite sometimes, but not much lately because bb now no longer living at Subang :( this place is near his housing areas then. i must say it is one of our dating spot ;p

rojak in the making

i must say i prefer this rojak rather than the so-called famous SS15 rojak ;p i tasted them both. SS15 rojak is good, but this one, the gravy is spicier and thicker i must say. always craving for this one! sadly, last month, i went to this place again with my parent but, the gravy somehow not spicy enough :( oh, forgot to inform, this place is also been visited by chinese people, so, i assumed that they're the one who complained/commented to make this gravy less spicy (+_+)