Sunday, April 3


yeah...i know, it's been sometimes since i last updating my blog (=.=) thing is, i don't go out much lately. maybe due to one, i suffered from gum infection (i removed 4 last teeth last week) and two, bb and i don't really have free time. so, i come out with this idea to dig through my old food photos or restaurants i went to (before this blog existed of course!), and blog about it. it would be nothing much different right? hee.

ok, so..the picture above is mee rojak from USJ 4 rojak stall where bb and i used to go to last time. of course, i only knew about this stall after meeting bb as he's the one introduced me to this place :P we went there quite sometimes, but not much lately because bb now no longer living at Subang :( this place is near his housing areas then. i must say it is one of our dating spot ;p

rojak in the making

i must say i prefer this rojak rather than the so-called famous SS15 rojak ;p i tasted them both. SS15 rojak is good, but this one, the gravy is spicier and thicker i must say. always craving for this one! sadly, last month, i went to this place again with my parent but, the gravy somehow not spicy enough :( oh, forgot to inform, this place is also been visited by chinese people, so, i assumed that they're the one who complained/commented to make this gravy less spicy (+_+)

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