Sunday, April 17

Manhattan Fish Market

last week, when bb and i went to Subang Parade to have dinner and browsing some stuffs, we were stopped at this one banner outside Manhattan Fish Market restaurant. it stated there that they're having a promotion of their Fish & Chips where they sell it at rm6.90 a plate. the price is usually rm15.90, so..i said to bb, let's give it a try, why not? hee~ bb is not really into seafood actually ;p for this entry, i don't want to highlight or review much about the restaurant because i believe, everyone has been there, right? i just want to comparing and commenting the differences between the rm15.90 and rm6.90 Fish & Chips.

this is the original portion of Manhattan's Fish & Chip. fish is bigger and the chips are plenty. oh, and they serve it in an aluminium mini kuali too. ahaha, don't know what it called.

while this is our economical budget portion of rm6.90 Fish & Chips. fish is slightly smaller, chips portion is lesser too and they serve them on an eco-plate. plus, they didn't give us the sauces & dips.

when we ask for the tartar sauce and chili gravy, this is what they gave us:

instead of this:

when we dine here last time, they gave us tartar sauce, sweet chilli gravy and garlic something2.

about the taste..hurm, this is the crucial part. to compare both, actually i prefer the original portion and taste. my personal opinion why they do such promotion is that, they wanted to clear their stocks. because, seafood is not good to keep them too long as it may affect the taste. that's what happen to our economical budget fish, it tasted quite 'hanyir', the batter is mushy and you can taste a raw flour covered the fish. i thought they cook them in a large batch earlier and just heat them up when orders came in. unlike the original Fish & Chips where i think they made to order. but i guess, you can't expect so much for a Fish & Chips at rm6.90 right? but, overall, i think it is good than any other Fish & Chips i ever tasted before. still no 1 in my Fish & Chips toplist :P

apart from our Fish & Chips, we also ordered this as appetizer:

it's deep fried mushroom something something. it's goooooooooooooooooooooooood!

tips for eating Fish & Chips and the like is, do not order something milky for you drinks. you should eat them with something soury and acidy. like squeezing some lemon on top of your fish..yadaa..yadaa.

being bb, he ordered oreo kebabommm for his drink and ended up that he couldn't finish his fish as he's too full by drinking this :P

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