Sunday, March 6

salad spinner

yeah! i've finally found this. dream to own this little fella ever since i watched Jamie used it with style on his tv show. i wanted the one that has string attached where we pull the string to spin the spinner inside. get me? aha. but to have this is a grateful thing too! :P bought one for myself and nenek also interested to have one. so..............went to Ikea all over again on our weekly date last week to get this. lucky me that they're still sell this and well, with reasonable price too. next on my dream list is a pepper grinder. i'd like to have the one where we have to twist the syllinder to grind the pepper inside. already searched for it at Ikea, Parkson bla..bla, but couldn't find any. if possible, i wanted the electrical grinder like the one Nigella's been using :P well, that would be more than what i bargained for. am i greedy? hihihihihihi.

this one belongs to nenek. that is why it still in plastic wrapped. mine is on plates' dryer/plates' rack..whatever is you call that thing.