Saturday, February 26

perfect breakfast

it's been like a decade since i last updated my blog. my sincere apology. anyway, before i'm off to see dentist with my auntie today, my parent and i stopped for breakfast here. well, roti canai and teh tarik has been Malaysians favourite breakfast since like forever. i have a list of favourite stalls which sell delicious roti canai and below is one of my favourite. this stall is located at Petaling Jaya area near to Kampung Dato Harun or Kampung Lindungan. well, i'm not really good about routes and stuffs, but to locals here, when they mention Pasar Basah which held on every Sunday, they knew this place right away. it's actually a building of foodcourts. to reach here, you have to take NPE and take a left turn and some inner roads. still can't figure them out? just leave it there, i already warned you, i'm not good with routes or maps or anything related to it. haha.

true Malaysian not gonna resist this. oh, go with Teh Tarik for extra satisfaction and your morning would be perfect. but, don't practice this everyday. they are full of fats and high with sugar :p

well, the menu is quite incomplete without soft-boiled egg to accompany with. they don't sell it regularly and have to make them on request. since there were too many people this morning and i just thought waiting for 2 soft-boiled eggs was just not worth at all. anyway, we call this place as "Surabaya". it's a private joke within my family as this place is usually full of Indonesian immigrants. well, it's Kampung Lindungan, what do you expect. it's somehow getting back to my root each time i get here. Kampung Lindungan was the place where my grandparents first lived after their marriage. Petaling Jaya is in their hands back then. my grandmother used to sell nasi lemak near Kontena Nasional and my grandfather used to work as a miner at Bandar Sunway's mine which now is converted into the famous Sunway Lagoon. yes, i know, i'm not even born yet that time where all the story started, but it's good to know some histories and memories of where you coming from right? it's like getting to know yourself better. aha, oh yeah, i am now far from the food topic.