Wednesday, May 4

i'm gonna miss this breakfast :(

went back to hometown last week for 3 nights. miss being pampered by my grandparent, that's why ;p always, when i was at my hometown in Lenggeng, Negri Sembilan, my breakfast routine would be the same every day. it's either pulut sambal ikan keli & kelapa parut or nasi lemak sambal ikan keli or nasi lemak gulai ikan keli. oh, to be exact, it's not 'either' but, i can have them all at once! hahaa. i don't know, everytime i'm at my hometown, my appetite is like always mounting up. feel hungry all the time. maybe there's no internet connection there, so, my life mostly evolves around either tv or chatted with my grandparents and that activities would include munching ;p

so...these are my breakfast for 4 days i spent at my hometown:

nasi lemak. 2 for me, 2 for my grandmother. nasi lemak this size, 1 won't be enough

pulut kukus with sambal ikan keli and kelapa parut. best breakfast ever! but, i prefer if my grandmother make it. her pulut is much softer and milky but she doesn't want to make it when there's only grandfather and i left to eat it :(

nasi lemak gulai ikan keli. yummy!!! like i told you in previous post, nasi lemak at my hometown would be in this kind of version. nasi lemak and this side dish. no sambal, no fried anchovies, cucumber or eggs.

there's another version of nasi lemak which i don't include the picture here. it's same as above only it is replaced with sambal ikan keli instead. oh, and the latest version of nasi lemak (what on earth nasi lemak revolution am i explaining here?!) is, where they sell this nasi lemak together with small ikan sungai cooked with sambal goreng cili padi. it's gooooooooooooood too, very spicy indeed. but it is not always available because it depends on the fish catch that day.

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  1. jom singgah blog ikan keli..hehe..salam ukhwah!