Sunday, June 19

lazy sunday or lavish sunday?

as usual, on weekend, i would take over my mother's job to cook for lunch. these are what i cooked today. i was a bit rajin that i made 4 dishes! they are squid curry, tuna bergedil, okra with spicy dried shrimp and scrambled egg with salted carrot (lobak asin). i have featured recipe for bergedil before. it is recommended by me. you should try it! :P for today's entry, i put recipes for lobak masin scrambled egg and stir-fried okra. they are easy-peasy lemon squeasy!

stir-fried okra
okra (wash and cut them at the point when you started to cook)
*shrimp paste *belacan*

*dried shrimp (soak to soften)

*bird-eye chillies & red chillies
*shallot (about 5#)
* - to be pounded together

oil to fry

1- heat oil. add in pounded items and fry until fragrant.
2- add in sliced okra and keep on stirring until okra is soften but still maintain its crispiness.
3- season with salt.

srambled egg with lobak masin.
diced lobak masin (or if you buy them in a form of pieces, diced them thinly) - wash and squeeze them to remove excess water
onion - thinly sliced

red chillies & green chillies - sliced thinly

3# eggs
oil to fry

1- heat oil. add in onion and sliced chillies and stir until fragrant.
2- pour in lobak masin and continuously stirring until they're a bit dry.

3- crack eggs one by one and keep on stirring until eggs appear drier and not too moist.

4- serve. you don't need to season it as lobak masin is already salty.

this is how lobak masin looks like

i know it's a very very simple recipe. even kids can make it LOL. but, sometimes, simple food can trigger your appetite isn't it? happy trying!

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