Saturday, August 6

Bumbu Desa

it's been agesss since i last updated my food blog. busy busy busy. i didn't update anything in July didn't i? duhh. ok, maybe not too late to wish Happy Ramadhan to my readers (if i have any). ok, straight to today's entry. last week, on final week before Ramadhan, bb and i went to The Curve to do some shopping. we have a late lunch, or shall i say an early dinner at Bumbu Desa. Bumbu Desa is kinda Indonesian restaurant which highlight on the menus mainly from Sunda and Padang. what i can say is........AWESOME! the food is great. i love the ambience. very cozy and comfortable (comfortable maybe because there's not so many people there). we have Rendang Daging, Ayam Cabai Ijo, Tempe Goreng (best tempe i've ever ate in my entire life), and steamed rice. talk less, see more:

the decorations

the food, can't wait to dig in!

tempe goreng. this one is so delicious!!!! definitely a must try!! oh no, i'm craving for it now T_T

Rendang Daging. rich in aroma, full of flavors. beef is tender. yumm.

Ayam Cabai Ijo. ok, i underestimate this one. the chilis is so pedas!!!! but, addictive.

bb's Es Cendol. yummm. i love the coconut flesh in this. all the pedas stung your tongue will immediately gone after drinking this.

see..................this is the proof how good the food here is.

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