Friday, August 12

stir-fried bitter gourd with dried shrimp & egg

bitter gourd is not always my favourite vegetables. well, of course, because they're bitter. but early of this year, i mean, when i started working, i used to buy this vegetable for my lunch and i started to love them since. bitter gourd can be divided into two, a normal bitter gourd and the one which we call it as 'peria katak' in Bahasa. Peria Katak is much more bitter, smaller in size and the colour is greener. this type of bitter gourd is very good in coconut gravy dishes. ok, enough with that. last week i made this stir-fried bitter gourd with dried shrimp and egg. i must say, i gotta make this often in future! well..i created this, just throw anything in which i found good to go together.

1 bitter gourd. cut in half and slice them. soak in salted water for an hour.
1 egg - lightly beaten
salt to taste

*half of handful of dried shrimp - soak for a while to soften
*2 shallots
*2 garlics
*pounded together.

bitterguard soaked in salted water

1- soak sliced bitter gourd in salted water to lessen the bitter taste of bitter gourd.
2- in a wok, heat oil and pour in pounded ingredients (shallot, garlic & dried shrimp).
3- pour in soaked bitter gourd and continue stirring until they're well mixed.
4- pour in beaten egg and keep on stirring until bitter gourd is tender and cooked.
5- season with salt but carefully not to add too much as dried shrimp is already salty.

stir-fried bitter gourd in my hot wok

end product. yumms. healthier choice of vegetables i must say


  1. Mmm... mak slalu masak peria camni. tapi, guna udang segar la :D

  2. yummms. mesti sedap jugak! nak try..hehe