Tuesday, August 9

Ayam Kalio

this dish is also originated from my grandmother. not that she's invented this but, i got the recipe from her. she used to make this few times when i was in my highschool and never did any since. last few weeks, i felt like wanted to eat this and call her up for recipe. if i'm not mistaken, this dish originated from Minang. correct me if i'm wrong. chicken in this recipe can be roasted or fried. i prefer fried but either way, it's deliciously as the same. the process of making it quite complicated because it uses lot of ingredients.

chicken - about half - cut into pieces
turmeric powder

1- mix chicken with salt and turmeric powder and fry in a deep hot oil. let it half cook and put aside.

fried chicken

spice ingredients:
4 shallots
2 garlic
2cm of ginger
1 cm of galangal
green chillies/bird eye chillies or both
1cm of fresh turmeric
*pound together

pounded spices

tamarind peel (asam keping)
2 lemongrass (pound a little at the end)
coconut milk from half coconut/can be substituted with milk
salt to taste
a small stick of cinnamon
cardamom - about 3
1 star anise
oil to stir fry

1- heat oil. add in dry spices (cinnamon, star anise & cardamom). stir for a while.
2- pour in pounded spices into wok and keep on stirring until fragrant.
3- add in lemongrass and tamarind peel and continue stirring until oil is form on the surface. season with salt.
4- pour in coconut milk, stir until well mixed and add in half-cooked fried chicken. keep on stirring until gravy becomes thick. it is optional for you to let the gravy drier. if you prefer it gravier, add in more coconut milk.
5- serve with hot steamed rice.

end product


  1. Amemiya~
    You haven't post for quite some times la... Anyway, I wanted to present you with this award. So, in return, I want that sambal ikan tamban. haha.. (joking)

  2. hahahha. sengal!!! thanks anyway! :p too bad, i don't how to do it :( i mean, i don't know how to fry ikan tamban to crispy stage. mine would turn out lemau T_T