Sunday, November 7


working life means, i have to allocate some money for my breakfast, lunch and tea time. i don't know why, but since i started working, i eat like a bear. i feel hungry in the morning, looking forward for lunch and stomach growled in the evening.

last week on wednesday, my colleagues went to mamak's restaurant called Insaf at Jalan TAR to have Beriyani rice. they said Beriyani here is delicious. well, after eating it (not even finish it), i don't think it's good enough. their chicken with honey gravy were prepared too simple. i felt like it just a fried chicken covered with honey. nothing artful eating it. haih~ what i can say is, i would definitely do not want to go here again. eating this Beriyani makes me miss Batu Pahat Beriyani :(


  1. Dkat jalan tar ada nasi kandar sedap!!!
    Sotong besa, udang besa... Ari tu pegi sgt ramai. kdai kecik, tp sgt ramai org mkn n bungkus. Kalo pegi, blikn ntok kte? haha...

  2. yeke?? apa name kedai? tp mcm takut je nk mkn seafood kt kedai mamak. mesti mcm nak pengsan harga nye @@

  3. haha.. x ingt pe name kdai tu. ktorg pegi sbb tgk ramai berator. harga pun x ingt. mak yg bayar XD

  4. da lama mngidam beriyani. hu3.. mau pegi briyani putrajaya tuh. dorg kata sedap. tp xbkesempatan lgi. waaaaa. huhuh