Sunday, December 12

ayam masak kunyit

been keeping this entry for week now. sorry everyone! hihih. ok, ok. ayam masak kunyit is my favourite since my days of Diploma in Penang years ago. friend of mine introduced this to me because i thought it look so appetizing, and i asked what name it was. ever since that day, i've been ordering this dish each time i go to eat to any Malay stalls. yesterday, i tried making this again at home using my own version. my mother used to make them too, and me myself used to make it. but, too bad, each time, they didn't taste as good as like the one i ate at stalls. but, i thought it wasn't that bad either..hihihihi.

chicken breast-
cut into small pieces, mix with turmeric powder or fresh turmeric, salt

2 garlic
1 cm ginger
*crushed & chopped

long beans

to garnish:
red & green chillies- sliced thinly

oil-to fry.

1-heat oil in pan. add in chicken and fry them for a moment until they turn yellowish and half-cooked.
2-pour in garlic and ginger, stir for a while and pour in vegetables. stir continuously until vegetables are cooked.
3-when chicken is cooked and tender, add in the garnish, stir to mix them and take them off the heat.


  1. Ari tu kte order ayam masak kunyit, mak try n suka. pastu bila pia dtg umah, mak suruh dia ajar buat camne. haha... tp, mak suka daging masak kunyit :D

  2. hahaha. yeke? tp kita rasa, yg paling sedap kan, yg dekat rumah imah dulu tuh. entah apa la budak tu letak. serius sedap. hiihihi. daging masak kunyit tu, kena rebus dulu ke?

  3. Oh! yg imah wat khas ntok miu tu? XD mmg sedap! x rebus kot? haha... kte tau makan je :D tp, mak letak daun kunyit sekali :)

  4. hahahha. tau xpe! teringat2 sampai sekarang kot! daun kunyit? nak bg wangi ye? nak try la..hihihihi