Sunday, December 5

Ikea restaurant

went to Ikea today. been to Ikea few times but we usually never dine there because it is normally full of people and today, we thought to give it a try because we wanted to continue our shopping later. stopped browsing stuffs because our stomach already growled and when we reached the restaurant, it was hell such a long~~~~~~~ queue there because clock is nearly 12pm. but, it was not bad of waiting because bb and i queued up together, so we killed our time chatted well, and of course by staring at others' tray trolleys too before deciding what to eat. hihi. so....these are what we ordered. sorry, if these pictures appear to you like we were never eaten for days. haha. our bad ;p

our trolley: complete meal with appetizer, main course & dessert

love this chicken wing!!!

the famous Ikea's meatballs. it's gooooooood. too bad, can't finish them though. (note: i ordered the largest portion XD)

bb's turkey sausages, it's quite salty i thought. but i love their gravy!

the famous Daim cake. yes, it is goood. thought of taking 2 plates and lucky we did not because this one slice already too rich & fully. *tamak* :P

our dish. are they really for two persons?????? haha

bb's trying out his first time ever beet root. and well, he didn't like it :P

oh.....focus :B i left 4 meatballs behind. too full :(

empty plates. exclude mine please. what a waste ;P

happy faces. i hate the fact that i'm getting chubbier @@