Wednesday, August 18


yesterday, my mother and i made this. vegetarian samosa. she found the recipe somewhere in magazine and prepared the filling. when i get back home, i helped her with samosa folding with the aid of youtube tutorial! haha. never made samosa before, so, we have no idea on how to fold it nicely. that is why, as the result, this samosa have different shapes and sizes! haha. they don't neat enough anyway. but as we kept on practiced, the shape become better and nicer! :P

ingredients (for filling):
5 # potatoes - diced
frozen mixed vegetables
*dried shrimp
*4 shallots
*2 garlic
onion - chopped
1 tbsp curry powder
1 tbsp chilli paste
spring onion
salt to taste
* to blend

1 - heat butter. add in blended items and stir until fragrant. add in chopped onion and curry paste and chilli paste. stir well until all spices are fragrant.
2 - add in diced potatoes and keep on stirring. add in some water and let potatoes become tender.
3 - after potatoes become tender, pour in mixed vegetable and spring onion. season with salt. keep on stirring until the mixture is dry.
4 - turn off heat and let it cool before folding it into samosa.

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