Wednesday, August 4

black pepper kuew tiew

just now, i'm digging into my kitchen to find something to eat for my lunch. then, i found unopened kuew tiew and i got an idea to make black pepper kuew tiew. i don't know the exact recipe because i'm planning to throw in all the sauces i could find in refrigerator into my kuew tiew. haha. i'm gambling with taste, here are the sauces mixture:

from left to right:
anchovies seasoning powder
tomato ketchup
chilli sauce
thick soy sauce
oyster sauce
sarawak black pepper sauce
seasoning soy sauce
squid sauce
apple cider
black pepper
*not included in the picture is chili paste.

along the sauces, i also put in chicken slices, prawns, chives (chive and kuew tiew is magnificent) and crushed garlic (i use 3 because i loveeeee garlic!). i didn't use salt/sugar as all the sauces are good enough. to enhance the taste, i use olive oil (shhhh..from my mother ok?)

the result: it's gooooood. i love the slight taste of apple cider in this!!

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