Friday, August 13

bergedil tuna

today, i wanna post an entry about one of my favourite dish which i always make it myself. hehe. to make it better, others like it too! *perasan. here it goes *drum rolls:

bergedil tuna!!

i first ate this bergedil when i was in form 4 and i always make it ever since. when i was in Penang, my housemates love my bergedil *perasan lagi and i sometimes deliver this bergedil to my boyfriend and my friend's house. haha. this dish also my first food given to my boyfriend and phew, he still like it until now.

i forgot where my mother got this recipe since it's quite sometime ago. i guess it is from one from the mountain of cookery books at my house. anyway, here's the recipe:

potatoes (about 5-6) - peeled, diced, fried and mashed
canned tuna (preferably spicy flavor) *do not buy the one that wrote 'spread'
fried shallot
onion spring
black pepper
salt to taste
anchovies food seasoning *maggi brand
2 eggs

1 - after frying diced potatoes, mashed them and add in all ingredients and mix.
2 - crack 1 egg into the mixture.
3 - shape the mixture into desired shape. you can keep in food container and put in freezer for later use at this point.
4 - crack one egg for dipping and lightly stir. meanwhile heat the oil.
5 - dip bergedil into egg mixture and fry until brown enough. doesn't need much time for frying as potato is already cooked.
6 - serve with chilli sauce or eat with rice.


  1. hahaha. kebetulan buat hari ni, tu yang cerita..haha XD