Sunday, August 15

kuih keria

this dish is my father's favourite. poor him, my mother rarely made them because she is a working wife, so, she hardly find time to make them. i would call it my mother signature dish! ;p well, actually, my mother seldomly making any kuih..hehe. first reason is there's not many people would eat them (because we're small family), and the other reason is she is working and tired after she got home. here goes the recipe:

sweet potato (about 5 to 6 number. medium size)
flour (about a cup)
salt to taste
castor sugar (about a cup)

1 - boil sweet potato together with the skin until soft and tender.
2 - remove the skin and mashed it.
3 - add in flour (the amount is depend on individual. some people love to add more. i prefer just enough to prevent sweet potato become too sticky). but those who sell this kuih, they usually put too many flour and kuih usually become too hard and taste of sweet potato is gone ;(
4 - season with salt.
5 - shape the mixture into donut shape and leave it for a while before frying.
6 - heat oil and fry this kuih until golden brown.
7 - after all mixture are fried, heat another wok and pour in sugar (enough to coat). stir for a while and pour in fried kuih keria in it.
8 - at this point, we have to keep on stirring kuih keria to be coated with sugar until sugar become quite sticky. *do not let it caramelized! be careful not to break kuih keria while stirring.
9 - serve either hot or cold.

since my mother use only small amount of flour (about a cup), so, as result, after frying, this kuih is crispy on the outside but soft in the inside. totally delicious!! i never buy this kuih at outside stall actually because they usually tasted more floury rather than sweet potato.


  1. Woo hoo~ ada ciri2 working woman + houswife yg berjaya :D

  2. hahahah. ni pun psl mak cuti..haha. kalau x, setahun sekali nak jumpa kuih muih, memang payah..haha