Sunday, August 1


my father's hometown is in Banting, Selangor, and a must thing to do everytime we go there is to have a bowl of cendol! this cendol stall in Banting has been there since like forever, my father once said since he was little it's already exist. and the taste is still the same. it's the best cendol i have ever taste! i am serious. i still remember, when i was small, the owner only had a bicycle-attached-stall to sell those cendol and now, he already has a restaurant and few assistants. the restaurant is selling rojak to go with the cendol. before this, we have to stand or duck to drink cendol and now, the table and seats are also available. what an achievement! i hope this cendol will still taste the same one day when i bring my kids here.

yummylicious cendol
my satisfaction face

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