Tuesday, August 17

sambal tempoyak goreng

this is my family favourite dishes too. my grandmother and mother always prepare this dish especially when we have fresh tempoyak. so far, i have never seen this recipe anywhere else yet. well, the name itself quite odd isn't it? tempoyak goreng? how can tempoyak be fried? here goes recipe:

100g dried anchovies
1 cup tempoyak
a handful bird eye chilli - blend *depends on how spicy you want it to be
2 red chillies - blend *optional
turmeric leaves - 1 if it large. shred it.
salt to taste

1 - heat oil.
2 - mix all ingredients except salt.
3 - pour mixture into wok and keep on stirring. add in salt.
4 - keep on stirring until tempoyak becomes sticky and turn its colour into brownish.
5 - serve.

this dish can be kept up to 4 days.

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