Tuesday, August 17

cencaru bakar sumbat

my childhood favourite. my grandmother always prepared this when i was small and i also always requested it..heeeee *evil laugh. some people prefer it fried or stuff with "sambal" a.k.a chilli gravy but my ever favourite is coconut stuffed and bake it. fish that always being used to this recipe usually cencaru. not sure what it's called in English anyway. here goes the recipe:

for fish:
cut along the back of cencaru. make a long cut at back of the head until tail enough to make hole. mix fish with salt and turmeric powder.

for stuffing:
grated coconut
fresh chillies
dried shrimp
shrimp paste a.k.a belacan
onion - 1 #
garlic - 2 #
lemongrass *can be replaced to 2 lime squeeze juice
salt to taste

1 - blend all ingredients except grated coconut. you can grind it too using mortar and pestle too.
2 - mix chilli paste with grated coconut.
3 - stuff the stuffing into the back of cencaru.
4 - bake for about half an hour or until fish is cooked.