Wednesday, October 26

Telur Ikan Goreng Cili Api

another favourite! telur ikan or fish roe? yummmmms. i love love love love when you eating fish dishes and you found telur ikan in it! it's like founding a gold in a sand you know. aha, i'm being exaggerate again :P usually my mother buy this fish roe at her monthly trip to Wet Market. but, it depends, sometimes, they got they stock, sometimes they don't. but, the slight disappointment is that, the seller usually don't wash this fish roe and it would covered by the fish's blood. so, it would turn out reddish and affect the taste a bit :(

here goes the recipe:
fish roe - wash carefully as it very tender
salt & turmeric powder
*mix fish roe with salt and turmeric powder and fry til crispy and cooked. don't fry too long as the flesh would harden.

Sambal Cili Padi:
onion - sliced thinly
2 tbsp Bird-eye chilli paste
1 tbsp lime juice
2 stalk lemongrass - sliced very thinly
salt to taste

1- heat oil in a pan. add in onion and stir until fragrant.
2- add in cili padi paste and stir continuously. be careful as the smell would get you sneezing.
3- add in sliced lemongrass and stir again until it soften. the reason i put lemongrass is to cover the fishy smell of fish roe.
4- pour in lime juice and season with salt. stir again until sambal is cooked.
5- add in fried fish roe and mix well. turn off heat and serve.


  1. husbd akak suka telur ikan tapi tak elok makan selalu banyak kolestrol

  2. Time praktikal dlu, ckp kat mat saleh fish roe diorg x paham. kne ckp fish egg bru diorg paham.

  3. baby: betul ke telur ikan banyak kolestrol? tak tau pula..selama ni belasah aje..hehe
    intan: seriously? kang kalau ckp caviar, mahal pulak..haha :P