Monday, October 24

Ikan Bawal Goreng Cili

smell something fishy?

fresh small pomfret!!! if my mother or grandmama buy this type fish they would fry it as crispy as it can get. then mix it with stir-fry fresh chillies sambal.

ingredients (for fish):
a kilo of fresh small pomfret
turmeric powder
*mix fish with turmeric powder and salt. fry until crispy. set aside

ingredients (for sambal):
fresh red chillies - wash and blend to form paste
1 tbsp of bird-eye chilli paste (for extra hotness!)
2 tbsp lime juice
onion - slice thinly
salt to season
oil to fry

1- heat oil. add in sliced onion and fry until fragrant.
2- add in chillies paste and continuously stir to avoid from burning.
3- pour in lime juice and season with salt.
4- keep on stirring until sambal is cooked. to know this, you can see oil is starting to form on the surface.
5- pour in fried fish and stir to let well mixed. serve.

this dish is very good to have a combination with any Masak Lemak Putih like the one here. yumms.

my mother usually get her fresh seafood stock from my hometown at Abah's side. my abah's hometown is at Banting, which near to the beach. so.....easy access to fresh seafood all the time! that's why my father always bring big box when we went hometown. its function is to fill with ice to keep the seafood fresh. too bad i'm not a big fan of seafood, i mean for the shell type like cockles, muscle and such. on the pricing, it depends somehow. because most of the seller here have many restaurants booked on their catch, so sometimes they charged it quite pricey.

some of the seafood varieties

the fish boats

my mother choosing and negotiating price

one tip where i get when accompany my mother buying seafood. when you buy them, pack it individually or porpotionly so you only need to get them out from refrigerator once and straight to your pan. because if you pack too many per pack, you have to soak it until it defroze, take some of them and keep the remaining in freezer back. this would make the natural 'sweetness' and 'freshness' gone. so, keep that in mind ok? ^^


  1. Sangat 'best' kalau dapat makan ikan segar yg baru 'mendarat'. Tapi sediakan 'harga' yg perlu dibayar.

  2. yeap. beli kat kampung pun boleh tahan harganya.