Tuesday, September 28

yellow kiwi

yummmmm~ seriously, i do not know how to use that kiwi knife!

whenever people say kiwi, in our mind, we must think of sweet-sourly-green little fruit right? or is it only me? haha. so, while i was having my Raya at my hometown, my grandmother bought this. i was shocked and excited to see this yellow kiwi as i never seen it before. well, my grandmother eats this yellow kiwi as part of her diet. you see...she knows better about this fruit compared to me who were trained in culinary school. what an ignorance i am. haha. i fall in love with this fruit from my first bite. it is sooooo fresh and delicious and not too sour. it is sweet yet soooooo refreshing especially when we eat it chilled. sooooo good, seriously!! especially for me who doesn't really like eating sour food/fruit. so, those who never tasted this fruit, please do so! but, those who are used to sourly-tasted normal kiwi may not like it. perfect example is my mother. i bought a box for her, but she prefers the green one because she loves kiwi sourly taste. it's ok, because i get the chance to finish them all by myself! haha.

can someone buy me a box of this??? heeeeeee


  1. hahaha. yg kuning ni la ingat nk ganti. tp mak xbrapa suka sgt. pastu esoknya mak da beli kiwi hijau utk die :P