Tuesday, September 28

Pappa Rich

hello..today i went for the interview at Italiennies at The Gardens, well, you can read it at my other blog here:www.meowmiu.blogspot.com. so, while waiting for their GM to arrive, i browsed around at The Gardens to have lunch. i spotted Pappa Rich restaurant and settled down there. i thought Pappa Rich was some kind of Western restaurant, but it just another kopitiam restaurants as in the same line with Old Town and Pak Li.

so, i ordered this, Nasi Lemak with Chicken Curry with Honey Lime drink. i love the drink, but i am not really satisfied with their Nasi Lemak. while it is obviously straightly heated in microwave, the taste is not what i was expecting. i guess Old Town and Pak Li's nasi lemak is better. oh no oh no. microwave-heated food is bad for you ok!! sambal tasted weird and the curry also tasted way too strong. overall comment, it just ok to feed your starving stomach.

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