Monday, September 27


last week bb and i went to The Curve for to spend time together and we decided to dine at Vivo as we had a good experience during our first time being there before. so, this were what we had ordered:

onion rings & calamari

chicken lasagna

baked cheesy chicken spaghetti

what i can say about the food is, it wasn't what i was expecting. last time i ate the lasagna, it tasted real good. but this time, i felt that the tomato sauce kind of weird. i love bb's food, but it turned out too cheesy that make us full too fast. but overall, it think, it isn't that bad. still ok with the price offered.


  1. I love vivo! Nasik dgn cheese sedap gak :D

  2. weird...nasi n cheese??? haha. menu agk menarik, pasta din sedap, tp kite punya lasagne rasa sgt pelik la tomato nye T_T