Saturday, December 10

Nasi Lemak Opah

hello, another entry for nasi lemak. yes, being Malaysian, you will never stop searching for the best nasi lemak. there's plenty of nasi lemak stalls and each has their own specialty. by the way, the name of the restaurant I am going to give a review is "Nasi Lemak Opah". We found this restaurant accidentally because a first plan is to go to Murni Discovery in Taipan, Subang Jaya but they were closing last Monday. This restaurant is on the opposite row of Murni and it is newly opened and interestingly full of people. So, we gave it a try here. I tell you what, it is a best decision we made that night!

There is no wonder why this place is pack of people. They are serving the best nasi lemak! fresh & yummy. This restaurant theme is more to kampungness. Well, you see, when you are at kampung, all nasi lemak are sold in a small packaging/wrap. same goes like this one. So, for advance advise, please buy at least two packets! one is never enough. this restaurant is more like self service. where the journey to the best nasi lemak begins here..

1) busy workers. you need to start here where you collect your nasi lemak on tray (for dine in) or put them in plastic bags (for take aways).

2) These are the nasi lemaks. They are gone too fast. Make sure you stand by with your plastic bags/trays. If you see there are many nasi lemak here, be fast also because one person can take them at least 5 packets!

3) Then, you choose your lauk. There's plenty of them. For dine in, you can put them on a plate. For take away, again, collect a plastic bag and put them in. It's all about self-service. One tip, this nasi lemak is good enough without those lauk anyway..

4) Make your order for drinks at the end of this lauk counter. They will send them to your table.

5) Straight away go to cashier and pay! don't forget to mention what drinks you ordered.

6) This is what we ordered. 2 for moi, 2 for bb. Bb's lauk is a bit blur when I snapped it, so, I didn't include them here. Mine was Ayam masak kunyit, Bb's were rendang daging & fried chicken.

now you see it.. you don't!

apart from nasi lemak, they also sells roti canai & assorted of noodles here. Their roti canai looks so good!!! Might try them some other time. I love Malay's roti canai rather than mamak's.

the ambience & decorations:

OMG. it's been ages since I last saw this kind of table cover! at kampung, they usually use this as carpet/floor liner (whatever its name). this pattern is so classic. yes..remind me of my great grandparent kampung house when I see this.

some of antique stuffs.

I think this place is a good place if you want to have a dinner or light snack. What I meant by light snack is that because the packaging of nasi lemak is small. So, I think it wouldn't be a problem for you to finish them. I know it's funny to think of having nasi lemak as "light snack"..haha. This is total good if you're looking for kampung-like nasi lemak. The taste is like pure and not too commercial. I'm not sure if this restaurant has other branches. But, I will definitely go here again next time!


  1. Oh! so small! kne makan lebih dari sebungkus ni :)

  2. Masa aku study luar negeri dulu.. eceh ye la luar negeri selangor, tinggal kat koperasi polis 2.. ade nasik lemak mak cik yah. Sambal sedap giler!! sekarang tak tahu ade lg ke tak, sbb dulu pun acik tu dah uzur sobs.. panjang tak komen aku? lol nasik lemak punye pasal

  3. Hye, saya suka baca blog awak, baru-baru ni saya ada buat blog harap awk boleh singgah dan follow blog saya. :)